Top-up Coverages

If you are working with a trade credit insurance contract and have an insufficient credit limit, you have the opportunity to increase the current limit to your actual credit limit needs with the help of an additional limit.

Some of the large insurers have „home-made“ additional policies for this purpose. The idea behind this is that the higher the premium the higher the limit could be underwritten.

Furthermore, on the market there are a variety of additional top-up policies offered by second trade credit insurers who pad the basic agreement.  This is possible for all basic contracts with trade credit insurers. The idea behind this is that a further insurer can underwrite the limit at least as high as the first insurer.

With top-up coverages you lessen your risk in the case of individual customers who are unable to pay, and depending on how you use your trade credit insurance, you can generate higher turnover due to the higher limits.

Complete coverage of as yet insufficient underwritten customers are possible.

With high-end risks you will receive advanced coverage protection.

With an additional credit limit you will ease the refinancing process at your home bank and could increase your liquidity through potential factoring.

We will find the market options which best suit your needs and current contract.