Single Risk Cover

Single risk cover protects you against bad debt losses arising from just one national or international customer.

Also, individual project-based dealings, along with trade operations of a specific nature can be insured individually, depending on duration, outstanding balances and specific country risk, against economic and political risk.

Along with the classic suppliers of trade credit insurances, including the german Euler Hermes state coverage, we can offer you complimentary, top-performing insurance provides on the international market.

Coverage models can be individually developed and combined, taking the following into consideration:

  • Political Risk
  • Projecting Risk
  • Manufacturing Risk
  • Commercial Delcredere Risk
  • Commitment Policies
  • Non-cancellable Policies
  • Special Coverages within the Export Field for Expropriation, Nationalisation and Confiscation, Currency Conversion and Transfer Risks for Private and Public Employers during Project-based Business, Commercial Participation – Investments, Loans, Dividends

Comprehensive protection and high planning security are essential components of our concepts, which we have developed individually together with our clients. Single risk cover is a suitable foundation for the bank financing of individual projects.

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