Commercial Trade Credit Insurance

Commercial trade credit insurance is an especially important building block in the protection of your business against bad debt losses due to customer insolvency or nonpayments. The trade credit insurer informs in a timely manner when the solvency situation of your customers, industries or country risks worsen. If it should come to a bad debt loss, that’s where the insurer jumps in. Besides the delcredere risk, the manufacturing risk, binding contracts and political risks can also be safeguarded. Furthermore, we also offer support in the case of contested receivables, whose prosecution costs can also be insured.

We will support you throughout the commercial credit insurance transaction process and will take work off of your shoulders. If so wished, we will supervise, analyse and refine all of your existing commercial credit insurance policies. We will help you in communications with the insurer and will support you during claims settlements, limit underwritings and policy renewal negotiations. We will ensure that your terms remain market-conform. If you already have a trade credit insurance or not, we will find your best partner on the market. The decision makers at the individual insurers know us well: we are trustworthy industry partners.

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