Excess of Loss Coverages

Excess of loss coverages build upon the strict adherance to fixed, and agreed to with the insurer, guidelines within your credit management.

Higher losses are what is usually covered – losses which are above the fixed loss amount.

The excess of loss policy serves, unlike the classic trade credit insurance which includes damage protection, mainly the coverage of major risks.


  • Less obligations during the transaction with insurer
  • Autonomy from individual credit decisions
  • Only major risks, specifically higher losses are insured

Aims of the excess of loss policy:

On the one hand, a company-wide coverage can guarantee against the damage due to bad debt losses: not only individual client domains can be safe-guarded, but also all clients in all companies in an entire business association. It is not necessary to fulfill additional needs regarding obligations for the insurer.

Are you interested in this type of coverage? Then contact us. We will find the best suitable partner for you.

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